DJ Spinal Shift: Defining The Right Music For Your Wedding Day

Rolling fields, pure colors, and plenty of natural light – these are only a few perks of organizing your wedding at a vineyard. Specifically, if you and your better half are planning to have a Kelowna wedding planned by a Kelowna wedding planner, then you are going the right way. To have an impeccable day filled with wines and foods, your guests must enjoy their time. And what is the thing that sets the tone for any wedding? The answer is – music. Hiring the right DJ for your big day is vital because these are going to be the songs and moments that you will cherish forever. Moreover, the right songs and music will make your guests go gaga, and they will surely rock the dance floor.


Let’s look in detail at why the right DJ is important for your wedding ceremony.

Theme, culture, or religion - If you have a particular theme for your wedding and want the right music to match with that, considering a good DJ is really important. And to your information, our team provides you with the option to customize the music you want to suit the vibes of the atmosphere on your big day. 

Not only this, but we also offer pre-wedding music. Some of our selection includes modern, Latin, classics, Punjabi, and more. Our latest mixing and mashing techniques are enough to make guests perform like a fireball on the dance floor. 

The unforgettable moments - The entrance, dance of your parents, and there are many emotional moments during a wedding. The music played during these heartfelt moments will be etched in your heart forever. That is why it is necessary to ensure that you have the right music and DJ to make this day memorable. 

And to clear your cloud of confusion, we at DJ Spinal Shift are here to give you a worthy experience. We have the highest quality equipment like LED dance lighting, HD projector, wireless speakers, Sound system ad DJ mixer, to name a few. 

So, make your wedding day marvelous with DJ Spinal Shift and remember the songs of your big day forever.


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